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How American homes up their property value with interior design
August 16, 2017

Interior design plays a big role in a home’s value. In the United States, homeowners who wish to sell their property in the coming months will often make updates to their home’s interior, by cleaning and replacing carpets, updating wall colors, replacing furniture and eliminating clutter from the home. By making small changes to the way their home looks, many find that they can boost their home’s property value at the time of sale.

Smart, Beautiful Storage

Elegant storage solutions like artisanal baskets, open shelving and furniture with hidden storage are all popular methods of keeping the home space efficient and uncluttered. In addition, many homeowners also make use of custom-designed storage and built-in storage to do away with the clutter. Best of all, a lot of this can be achieved without much cost, as long as you have the right tools and are ready for some DIY fun.

Mixed Patterns and Lavish Textures

Americans have always liked rich patterns and textures. Nowadays, many homeowners mix and match different patterns and textures in the same room. The idea behind this practice is that a mixture of patterns helps lead the eye around the space and creates a sense of sophisticated fun.

Also, American homeowners like visually rich interiors, because they increase the property’s perceived value. So, they often seek new ways to make their interior decor more lavish.

Colorful Walls

Repainting the walls can boost property value by making the home look cleaner, fresher and well-maintained. When it comes to color choices, neutrals were preferred for many years. However, in the recent years, brighter, bolder colors are making a come back in American homes.  Some of the most desirable colors in American properties at this time are powdery blues, blue-greens, deep gray and a soft yellow, like the fluffy feathers of a baby chick. Many homeowners use these colors in combination to create dramatic, bold color statements.

Varied Lighting Options

Lighting options are important in American homes. In recent years, many homeowners have pushed for home construction that involves more / larger windows and a wider range of electric lighting options. For rooms like the kitchen, where lighting is extremely important for completing tasks and cleaning surfaces, many homeowners use a combination of recessed, track, pendant and natural lighting. In living rooms, homeowners use fireplaces to provide a source of light, heat and beauty.

In addition, many property owners use sheer curtains and curtains made from natural, light fibers to decorate the windows without blocking the light. Having varied lighting options makes home interiors look larger, airier and more inviting, which helps to boost the home’s value.

Open Spaces

Americans love their spaces, especially those indoors. So, it’s not surprising that open floor plans are all the rage in American households these days. To follow this trend, many homeowners knock down non-load bearing interior walls to make their homes more open and airy.

Here in Singapore, we don’t always have the option of knocking down walls in our flats. However, we can still find ways to integrate a more open and unified design:

  • Use smart storage: Use storage to hide those things that seem to have no real place to call home. Organized bins, baskets and attractive buckets are  an excellent way to hide the clutter in your home.
  • Reduce clutter: Getting rid of clutter helps make small spaces open and comfortable.
  • Create “zones” with furniture. In open rooms, clustering your furniture into groups helps create the sense that a room is multi-purpose, which in turn can make it feel more open and airy.

It’s All About A Feeling of Comfort

Looking at these decorating options, you might start to think that American homes are a little less formal than the average household in Singapore. In reality, American homes are just different with design trends that focus on color, texture and eclectic beauty.

Regardless of the designs, what really matters to many U.S. homeowners, at the end of the day, is that their interior spaces are kept comfortable and low-key. Only then will the home look inviting and enticing to anyone viewing the property. So, if you’re thinking about Americanizing your flat or hoping to push up your property value, be sure to keep this in mind!

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