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3 Cheap interior design hacks that'll make everyone envious of your home
March 20, 2018

There’s a common myth when it comes to interior design. A myth that convinces people of how expensive and exasperating designing a home can be. But is this myth really true? Is it really too demanding to want a beautiful home without going into a budget deficit?

Guess what? Contrary to popular belief, it is still absolutely possible to have your home beautifully styled up, without needing to rob a bank.

Check out these cost-saving hacks to get your home styled up to the envy of many!

Interior Designer: Maryna Vaseiko

Hack 1:  Avoid complex designs, spend on quality furniture

When you hear stories about homeowners overspending on their makeover projects, you will notice something in common – they all started with a complex interior design. One that required pricey and complex wall features, carpentry, customization, like this one below.

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Interior Design: Design4Space

And when your interior design alone is already complex enough, you can only expect doing the actual renovation to get even more expensive. 

So, a cost saving hack is to reduce on all these unnecessary complexities, and instead go for minimalism in your design. While it may sound easy, do keep in mind that going minimalist is not only about ‘less is more’. Rather, you also need to know where to cut on your costs, and where to spend. You could, for instance, cut your costs on unnecessary pricey carpentry works, and instead opt for off-the-shelf furnishings that are much cheaper. Just like how this living room below is styled up so gorgeously, even without any heavy reno work!

Interior Designer: Rashed Abdullah

Hack 2: Find a quality freelance designer and a contractor

Dreaming about your ideal interior design is easy. But doing the actual designing yourself can be tough. So, it might be wiser to leave the tough job to the real experts.

The good news is, there are plenty of interior design firms who can not only help you design your home, but, can also do the actual renovation work. The bad news though is that because they are providing you with an extra project management service, they can sometimes charge a premium for the work they do.

So, if you don’t mind managing the renovation works yourself, you could cut some costs by hiring a freelance interior designer that does not charge this premium, and separately engage a contractor to execute the renovation. In fact, there is a plethora of highly qualified freelance interior designers which you can engage online for a much cheaper cost (see example below). This is a cost saving hack that could save you easily $1,000 on interior design fees!

Interior Designer: Mahinaz Soliman

Hack 3: Buy quality furniture from where it’s cheap

When it comes to shopping for furniture, there’s always a common dilemma homeowners face – finding the balance between cost and quality. While there are quality furniture from local retail stores, they tend to be costly. 

One cost saving hack to tackle this is to source for furniture direct from distributors from our neighbouring countries. In fact, there are distributors that offer high quality furniture at a much lower price, from as near as Johor Bahru. Or if you are planning to shop online for furniture, be sure to double confirm if its of good quality.

Bonus Hack:  Don’t forget the details in furnishing

Now that you’ve designed and done up your home, the last thing you’d want is to screw up the interior design with mismatching furnishings. But, you’d be surprised to know that this is also one of the most common mistakes homeowners make.

Especially when it comes to bed sheets! Somehow, homeowners tend to make do with whatever bed sheet they find. And this somehow often make your bedroom design go from YAY to NAY. So, do find yourself bed sheet designs that match well with your bed frames and headboards.

Interior Designer: Mahinaz Soliman

Bed sheets aside, do pay attention to other common areas where homeowners tend to mess up. Like bookshelves, table tops, kitchen and bathroom.

With these 4 cheap hacks, all that’s left is to take Instagram-worthy shots of your newly designed home and keep it looking stunning forever! Enjoy!

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