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Reno 101: How to choose the best mattress for your bed
May 9, 2017

Designing a home is costly and mind boggling, especially for first timers. There are so many things you need to buy and most of the time, you get such a dizzying array of choices that you hardly know where to start from. So, to help you out, here’s a series of blog articles (this being the first), written to help you with every stage of your reno journey. And for this very first article, let’s start off with what’s really close to our hearts – sleeping. 😴

When it comes to sleeping, the biggest question most homeowners have is “what type of mattress should I get?”. And giving this question a proper thought really matters, not only because mattresses are expensive, but also because you’ll probably need a few (one for each bedroom in the house).

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Firm or plush?

To select the best mattress for yourself, you need to first consider how hard/firm do you want your mattress to be. According to sleep experts, if you’re someone with lower back pain or overweight, it is better to go with a firmer mattress as it offers sturdier support and makes it easier to get in and out of bed. But if you’re someone like me who need a softer bedding below, then go for plush mattresses. What matters most is that you want a mattress that supports your body in a well-balanced position, without exerting too much pressure on any point of contact alone. This is also the reason why most people avoid going for extreme firmness or plushness for their mattresses.

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Types of mattresses

The next thing to consider is the type of mattress you would like and here are the 4 key categories of mattresses to choose from:

Innerspring mattresses

The most common and basic mattresses are the innerspring ones, which provide your body support with coils installed inside the bedding. These days, most of these coils are installed and enclosed individually, for better durability. For such beds, a consideration factor is the number of coils the mattress comes with. Most people tend to go for mattresses with more coils since it is believed to provide more comfort, although there are some sleep experts who argue that you can hardly feel the difference in comfort, beyond 390 coil count.  

Memory foam mattresses

The next type of mattresses are the memory foam ones, which are generally thought to be more comfortable than innerspring mattresses. These mattresses absorb motion and adjust to your sleeping position so that the pressure points on your body are well-balanced, giving you better comfort. So, if you’re a light sleeper, memory foams would help in making sure movements by your partner-in-bed do not wake you up. However, memory foam mattresses are also known to be temperature sensitive and tend to make you feel hot. So, if you’re not a fan of warm beds, you might want to avoid this.

Latex mattresses

Another popular type of mattresses are the latex ones, which are well-known for their cooling nature. They are also well-loved for their durability, and the comfort they offer which is on par with memory foam. If you’re looking for something that’s not too firm or hot, then these mattresses are the right ones for you.

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Air mattresses

The last type of mattress is the air mattress that provide flexibility in it’s firmness and softness. Such mattresses are usually divided into different zones where you can set the firmness level for each zone. So, if you and your sleeping partner require different mattress firmness, then this would be the right one for you.

Size of mattress

Besides selecting the mattress type, you need to consider its size, in terms of length, width and height. This depends on how tall you are or how cuddled up you want to be with your sleeping partner. Also, ask yourself if your mattress can fit into your bed frame and if your bed frame can fit into your bedroom. For Singapore market, mattresses are generally categorized into Single, Super Single, Queen and King sizes in order of increasing width. However, the actual sizes of each of the category can differ depending on the brands and the regions the mattresses were made for. So, do check with your retailer for the exact sizing.

For couples, you could go with Queen or King size beds. Or, if both of you are of petite sizes, you could even cozy up in Super Single beds. Interior Designer: Distinct Identity
For those sleeping on their own, go with Super Single or Single beds! Interior Designer: Department of Design

Don’t be shy, test it out well

Finally, the last tip to buying a good mattress – they are best bought personally. No one knows whats best for you, except yourself. So, drop by the retail shops and lie down on the mattress to give it a test. Now, we know most of us are shy people, and we are scared to even lie down for more than 10 seconds, for fear of people staring at us. But for the sake of your good night sleep, let’s not be shy and rest well on the mattress you’re thinking of buying. As a good guide, lie down in your usual sleeping position for at least 30 seconds to see if its a bed you can sleep peacefully and snugly in! There are some sleep experts who even advice you request for a pillow to make the test as real as it can be it!😮

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Alright, this is it for the first series of our Home Design 101. We hope you can now find yourself a good mattress and a good night sleep! If you would like us to cover any other topics that you need guidance on, email us at [email protected]!☺️

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