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Here's why you'll need a Scandinavian home design!
May 9, 2017

Talk about interior design and you probably would have noticed how popular Scandinavian designs are. With their iconic simple design and pale colours, Scandinavian furnishings are also fast becoming a must-have. Here’s a deeper look into why everyone’s loving them and why you’ll want it for yourself!

They make the space look bigger and brighter

Commonly associated with the ‘IKEA style’, Scandinavian designs are known for making use of natural materials, to create durable, functional yet affordable spaces. One of the most common tricks used in Scandinavian designs is to make use of pale colours and minimalist furniture to keep the space looking brighter, airier and bigger. Who wouldn’t love a bigger space, right?

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They are easier and cheaper to design

And because they focus so much on keeping things simple yet neatly elegant, Scandinavian designs are also much easier to get right, without you having to spend a bomb! As you might have noticed, such designs make heavy use of light wood furniture, that are neatly arranged, with minimal carpentry. And that means not only will you get to save on the expensive carpentry, but you can also be more flexible in your design.

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They are easy to maintain

Unlike other luxurious design styles, Scandinavian furniture are also more sleek, clean cut and easier to maintain. And that’s a really major plus point, especially for those of us who can’t stand clutter but don’t have time to spare on maintaining the furniture.

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They are neutral and pleasing to the eye

Another great thing about the neutral palette of Scandinavian style is that they are also generally more pleasing to the eyes. While you can’t avoid that everyone may have different taste in interior design, at least if the design is of a neutral tone, more people would be willing to accept it!

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How to turn your home Scandinavian?

So, convinced you need a Scandinavian home now? Here’s how you can incorporate it into your home!

Step 1: Choose your primary colour

To start off with, always keep your home’s primary colour either as white or another pale colour. This helps to make your space looking more spacious and airy.

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Step 2: Go for functional designs

The next part then comes about furnishing your home. As much as you can, keep things simple, and instead of carpentry, go for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products that you can just install/dismantle as and when you like it. Not only are these functional, but they also allow for flexibility in your design, and a cheaper reno cost.

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Step 3: Keep things simple and neutral

Most Scandinavian home designs make use of light wood furniture, the kind you often see at the IKEA store. But beyond light wood colours, you could actually add some contrast with other colours. Some of the common alternative choices are black-and-white and pastel colours. And, don’t forget the most important part about designing a Scandinavian home is about decluttering. So, as much as you can, keep your furnishings simple, clean cut and go for those sleek and minimalist furniture.

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So, with these 3 steps you’re ready to make your home not only seem bigger and brighter but also at a lower cost! No wonder everyone’s loving Scandinavian!

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