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Is your home really safe for your young child?
April 10, 2018

Having a child in the house means we need to be extra cautious about making our interiors childproof. Many of us like to think we are thorough enough in childproofing our house, and that as long as someone’s physically watching over the young kid, they will be fine.

But, did you know, accidents can still happen to your child, even when they are under adult-supervision? In fact, some studies show that parents are not as thorough in childproofing potential hazards than they thought they are.

So, exactly how thorough have you been in childproofing your home? Find out below!

Interior Designer: Iryna Harbaruk

Furniture and furnishings you need to make childproof

One of the most important steps to childproofing our homes is to make sure whatever furniture and furnishings we have are child-friendly.  Here are some of the things you should childproof for your home furnishings:

Cabinets, wardrobes, and refrigerators

You may thing the door knobs of these common household items are fairly out of the reach of your young children. But don’t forget, they know how to climb their way up, and open the doors for themselves. And when that happens, two things can follow suit. One, they end up getting hold of hazardous items in the cabinets, or, two, the cabinet / fridge falls down on them. Either way, both scenarios can be fatally dangerous for your child. To avoid such mishaps, always lock your cabinets with child-friendly locks and wherever possible, always ensure your loose furniture are secured well in place.



Whether you are at home or not, all windows should have safety grilles installed and constantly locked. One of the things some parents miss out is the sizing of the safety grille. Ensure that the gaps in the safety grilles are not big enough for your children to squeeze or crawl through!

Table tops and counter tops

Ensure all edges of tables, counters and any other furniture are not sharp. If you have already bought furniture with sharp edges / corners, install corner guards to cover up the sharp corners.


Double-decker beds

For space saving reasons, many parents love to install double-decker beds for their children. Children totally love them too. However, avoid jumping the gun on it, until you know your child is old enough to climb in and out of double-decker beds safely. Even in the middle of the night when they go for their toilet breaks, with their eyes half-closed.

Interior Designer: Iryna Harbaruk

Things you should keep out of your child’s reach

We all know the other basic step to childproof your home is to keep potentially hazardous materials out of your children’s reach. Many of us would have taken care not to let our children touch sharp objects like knives, toxic substances like detergents and electricity-powered products like wires and wall plugs. But have you missed out of these less-known hazardous materials?

Table cloths and everything pullable

Table cloths, on their own, are not dangerous. However, many parents tend to forget that their children love to pull things, especially when they are trying to climb up a piece of furniture. So imagine what will happen if you have a table cloth hanging down low enough for your children to pull, and have many things placed over the cloth.  Your children may get hurt, if they end up pulling down all the items placed on the cloth. So, avoid leaving table cloths, or any thing pullable, hanging down within your children’s reach.

Toilet bowls and bathtubs

Unless your child is big enough, avoid letting them go near the toilet bowl or the bathtubs. There have been many accidents of young children drowning in bathtubs. So, if you have a bathtub at home, or even a large basin, never ever leave it with water in it. Even if you are using the bathtub to bathe your kids, ensure they are constantly under adult supervision. Likewise, avoid letting your children use the adult’s toilet bowl, unless they are ready for it. Another alternative is to add in a child-friendly toilet bowl lid, with a hole that’s small enough for your children.

Interior Designer: Dasha Osadcha


Young children love balloons. But as much as they love them, they can also be equally hazardous for them. This is because many young children, especially those who are still teething, love putting balloons near their mouth. Should the balloon pop in their mouths, or if they were to swallow any deflated balloon material, it can easily lead to suffocation or choking, which can put their lives in danger.

Crayons and legos

Crayons are yet another potentially hazardous item that children love. The problem with crayons is  that they look pretty and can be easily broken down into pieces, even by little hands. And that makes them a potential choking hazard. Likewise, small toys like lego can easily be swallowed. So, always ensure there’s proper adult supervision when they play with crayons or small toys.

While its important to give your children the freedom to explore the world around them, it’s equally important never to take their safety for granted. Prevention is better than cure!

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