Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiries

  1. What is Nestr about?
  2. Nestr is the first and only home renovation platform in Singapore that not only provides a wide collection of home design inspirations, but also tailor matches homeowners with renovators. Enabled by powerful analytical tools, Nestr makes it easier for homeowners to express their dream designs and source for renovators who can better understand and deliver their needs. Nestr strongly believes in building better trust between both parties to make the renovation journey much more seamless and enjoyable.
  3. What makes Nestr different?
  4. Your home renovation journey is as important to us as it is to you. That is why we focus so much on easing your renovation journey and ensuring that you are tailor-matched with renovators that you can trust to deliver what you need.
  5. How does Nestr ease my renovation journey?
  6. We have a wide collection of home designs from a huge list of renovators for homeowners to get inspirations from. And we also understand that most homeowners have difficulty in organising and expressing their dream design to their renovator. Nestr simplifies this by letting homeowners easily organise designs that appeal to them and shortlist renovators based on their favourite designs.
  7. How does Nestr do tailored matching of homeowners and renovators?
  8. Instead of blindly matching you with random renovators, we believe you would know what you need best. That is why, we only play the role of recommending you the best matching renovators and leave the decision of shortlisting them in your hands. And to help you ensure you are only shortlisting renovators that can understand and deliver what you need, Nestr only recommends you renovators that have each done at least one project that you like.
  9. How can I trust that my renovator understand what I need and can deliver it?
  10. The list of renovators that are recommended to you is based on your selection of home design inspirations. That is, Nestr only recommends renovators who have each done at least one project that appeals to you. So you can be sure they can deliver what you would like.
  11. Is Nestr free for use?
  12. Yes, it’s absolutely free for homeowners and anyone seeking home renovation!
  13. What is the process of getting quotations from renovators through Nestr app?
  14. Through our app, you will first go through a collection of home design inspirations and indicate which ones appeal to you. Based on your favorited designs, Nestr will recommend a list of renovators who can deliver these designs. You can then shortlist renovators with whom you would like to consult. The renovators will then get in touch with you for further discussions and eventually share with you their quotation.
  15. I am a homeowner and I have doubts relating to renovation. Can I seek your advice?
  16. Sure! We are more than glad to provide any advice related to home renovation. You can email us at [email protected] and our in-house expert will get back to you shortly.
  17. I am an interior designer. Where can I find out more about what Nestr offers to IDs?
  18. All interior designers and renovators can contact us via [email protected] to find out about what we can offer to IDs. Please also mention the company that you are representing in the email and we will get back to you within 3 working days.
  19. I am an interior designer. How do I sign up with Nestr?
  20. Thank you for your interest. Please drop us a mail at [email protected], mentioning your company name. Our sales team will get in touch with you within 3 working days to work out a collaboration plan with you.
  21. I am an advertiser. How do I sign up with Nestr?
  22. Thank you for your interest. Please drop us a mail at [email protected] and share with us the details on what you would like to advertise. Our marketing team will get in touch with you within 3 working days to work out a collaboration plan with you.


App-related Enquiries

  1. Where can I download Nestr app?
  2. You can download the app on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  3. How do I log in?
  4. You can log in with your Facebook account.
  5. What is ‘Maybe Later’? Will I eventually have to log in?
  6. We understand you might want to try out the app first before logging in. For that reason, we have placed this ‘Maybe Later’ option, where you can still browse and save your favourite home designs. However, you’ll be required to Sign in with Facebook in order to receive quotation from designers.
  7. I am browsing through the home design inspirations. How do I save those photos that I like?
  8. You can save it by either swiping right on the photo or clicking the heart icon under the photos. This will mean you have liked the photo and it will be saved under ‘Favourites’ menu.
  9. Where do I view those photos that I have liked again?
  10. You can go back to ‘Favourites’ menu to access these photos again.
  11. What is ‘Add Quick Note’ that is found under each photo?
  12. If you like the home design photo and would like to take note of anything, you can add in your memo notes here (e.g. ‘Love the sofa!’). This will be saved together with your photo, under the ‘Favourites’ menu.
  13. What does each of the styles mean e.g. eclectic?
  14. You can refer to our style guide, to get a rough idea of what each design style represent.
  15. I noticed that the home design photos on Nestr do not tell us which interior designer had done it up. Why is this so?
  16. We have done a number of studies and have found that homeowners tend to make clouded judgements when they are given too much details about the home designs that see. This is why, we do not show the interior designers behind each of the designs. By only showing the bare minimum details, we hope to help you organise and express your dream design better by eliminating any distractions that might cloud your choices.
  17. After I have favorited the home design inspirations that I like, how do I select the renovators?
  18. Click on the ‘Next’ button at the top right hand corner of the app. This will bring you to the next menu where you can shortlist the renovators that you would like to consult.
  19. When I shortlist the renovators, I do not see the full list of renovators that Nestr has partnered with. Why is this so?
  20. This is intentionally done so, as Nestr will only recommend renovators that have done at least one project that appeals to you. This is to ensure you are not getting recommended renovators that cannot deliver what you are looking out for.
  21. Do we get free consultation and quotation from renovators?
  22. Yes, getting consultation and quotation from renovators is completely free for our app users!
  23. Is there a maximum number of renovators that I can request quotation/ consultation from?
  24. No, there is no limit to the number of renovators you can select. However, we do not advise homeowners to select more than 5 renovators to get quotation from. This is because, the more renovators you select, the more time you will have to spend talking to these renovators. So the best way is still to get consultation/quotation only from those renovators that best matches your design requirement.
  25. I do not know my house size and/or do not have my floor plan. Can I still proceed to engage a renovator for consultation?
  26. Yes, you can. However, these details are needed so that our renovators can help you plan the design and give you a quotation on. So, it will be good to provide at least an estimate of your house size (it could be based on HDB’s rough estimate e.g. 4 room flat is approximately 90 sqm).
  27. How and when will I be contacted after I have submitted my request for quotation?
  28. You will be contacted via phone by your selected renovators within the next working week.
  29. Where can I see the list of interior designers and their reviews?
  30. You can access it via the ‘Renovator Listing’ menu.
  31. I have shortlisted renovators that I would like to consult since a week ago. But I have still not heard from at least one of them. What can I do next?
  32. Nestr does whatever it takes to ensure that the shortlisted renovators respond to your request. In the very rare scenario that they do not, please help to ensure that you have already clicked on the ‘Get Quotation’ under the renovator shortlisting menu. If this has already been done but there are still no news from your shortlisted renovator(s), please drop us a note at [email protected] and let us know the name of the renovator so that we can attend to your case as soon as possible.
  33. How do I change my profile picture?
  34. Your profile picture is gathered from your Facebook account. It will only be updated if there is an update to your Facebook account.
  35. The app failed to load properly. What can I do next?
  36. Please retry by closing all instances of the app and reloading the app. If it still does not work, you can drop us an email at [email protected] so that we can attend to your issue as soon as possible.