Reno 101: What flooring options are best for you?

In this second “episode” of our Reno 101 blog series, we’ll tackle one of the hardest things to decide for your renovation – your flooring. With different rooms serving different purposes, it’s tough deciding which material is good for which room. So, to get you started, here’s a quick guide on the good and the bad about the 5 key flooring options – tiles, stones, wood, laminates and vinyl!

What flooring for which room?

So, now that you know what’s good and bad about each flooring option, your next question is probably what flooring should I use for which room. Fret not, because, we’ve already covered that in this article, where we talked about the best flooring for each room. As a general guide, here are the key consideration points:

  1. First, consider the functional usage of the space e.g. is it for a bathroom, or a baby room? Would there be heavy traffic in this room?
  2. Then, weigh the pros and cons against your budget and timeline. (Don’t forget that some flooring options require more installation time than others!). And, narrow down on 1 to 2 flooring options.
  3. Next, do a market visit to look for varying designs and quality for your selected flooring options. If you have already engaged a contractor/interior designer, you could ask them for recommendations. Some might even make a trip down to the shops with you, to let you get a feel of the actual products.
  4. As the actual quality and features of the flooring options may vary depending on the brand and exact finishing quality of the product, it’s best to search for some reviews of the actual product first, before making a purchase! 

Alright, with this, you’ve got your flooring covered! If you still have a burning question to ask about renovation or home design, you can get them answered via! 🤗